Over my lifetime, I have grown to love shores and hills and empty landscapes – I have spent a lot of that time in them – days of close observation, trying to understand them, traipsing their rough terrain.

I also spend long hours scratching about in a studio.

In between I pass on any residual findings I have been able to articulate, in the form of teaching; and I sometimes have the privilege of learning all over again, by sharing in the creative play of many three and four year old children.

My world is one that interests me each and every day.

Somebody suggested to me that others may be interested in it too, and I have come ‘round to the idea that they might be right.

What gives me this conceited view is the fact that people are interested in my paintings – a product and an expression of this way of living.

I am a painter of place, and the places I paint are not celebrated places, they are lesser known, and they are seen in the way that I see them.

Without the fear that they will suddenly be swamped by thousands of visitors, for I am not producing ‘Heartbeat’ or ‘All Creatures Great and Small’, I have decided to blog about them and the resulting paintings.

I hope it takes this world of mine beyond the walls of my womb-like studio and I hope it interests you, maybe even inspires you, or, best of all, strike a chord with you. If it doesn’t, I hope you find a world that does.

Thank you for visiting.